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News for 2010

January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I had the opportunity to catch you up on my life.  Where to begin?

October, November, and December saw me busy doing a lot of editing.  Since the summer, I have edited FOUR books for my wonderfully talented friend, Abra Ebner.  Abby hired me to edit her “Feather” series as well as her single-title release, “Parallel: The Life of Patient 32185”.  When I wasn’t busy editing, my time was occupied teaching, being a mom of three active young children, and gearing up for the holidays.

Now that my editing calendar is cleared, I have been able to return to my own writing.  I am pleased to announce that “When We Meet Again”, Book Two in my “Fabulous Four” series is in its final publishing stages.  I expect it to be available on Amazon, Kindle, and through other independent distributors by the end of January.  “The Art of Love”, Book Three in the series, is on hold findefinitely as I focus on other editing projects as well as writing a book not related to the series.

This new project is a complete change from my usual genre of contemporary romance.  “Second Chances” and “When We Meet Again” both focus on a love story between two consenting adults.  This new novel is geared more for the older YA audience, although it does have some adult themes.  It is more in the ilk of a “Twilight” or “Sookie Stachouse” series in that it has supernatural elements.  As of this posting, the book does not currently have a title since it is still in early stages, but I am thoroughly enjoying changing gears as I go through the creative process.  If all goes well, it should be available in the spring.

2010 promises to be a prolific year!

Happy reading!


P.S.  Here is a sneak peak at “When We Meet Again”.  Enjoy!


Maggie Brennan met the boy who would change her entire life when she was just three years old.  Of course, she had no idea that he would have such an impact on her, but it was plain even then that she idolized him.  She still recalls the day as if it were yesterday.


Maggie was playing in the turtle-shaped sandbox in her backyard.  It was the height of summer in New Jersey, hot and humid as only Jersey summers can be.  She was wearing her favorite pink floral bathing suit as she dug for treasures in the sand.  Suddenly, she heard her big brother’s voice and jumped up.

Maggie adored Doug Brennan, thinking he was smart and cool, as only little sisters can.  She always followed him around and generally made a pest of herself.  Today was no different.

Doug had just made a new friend at the playground and was bringing him home to play video games on the Atari game system he had gotten for his eighth birthday.  Liam Duffy seemed like a cool kid, and Doug was glad to have a boy around with whom to play.  If he had to play dolls with Maggie for another minute, he might go nuts.  His kid sister was cute, but a guy could only take so much.

Liam was a tall, tow-headed boy from New York that had just moved to the suburbs of New Jersey with his family.  He was handsome even at eight, something Maggie noticed right away.

“Hey, Dougie,” she chirped in her singsong voice, her piercing green gaze on Liam as she spoke.  Doug rolled his eyes.

“Hey, Mags.  Whatcha doin’, squirt?”  As he passed her, Doug ruffled her wavy brown hair affectionately.

“Digging for treasures.  Wanna to play with me?”  Maggie eyed Liam with keen interest as the boys paused near her sandbox.

“Nah, not now, Mags.  We’re goin’ to play Donkey Kong.”

Maggie’s face lit up.

“Can I play too, Dougie?” she wheedled.

“No, Mags.  We just want to play by ourselves.”

Liam smiled down at the cute little girl.  He had a kid sister too, about the same age.  She was okay, most of the time.

“Maybe next time,” Liam offered.  Maggie turned to him with hero-worship on her face.

“What’s your name?” she asked, clearly enraptured with the older boy who was being so kind to her.

“My name is Liam.  Nice to meet you, Maggie.”

“Nice to meet you, too, Liam.  I am going to marry you one day.”  Maggie said this so matter-of-factly that at first Liam was too surprised to react.  Then Doug guffawed at the remark, and Liam joined in.

“Not a chance, squirt.  You’re too young for me.”  Still laughing, the two boys walked away.  Maggie narrowed her eyes at their retreating figures.

“You wait and see, Liam.  I will too marry you!” she vowed.


“So, if you could date any guy in the whole world, who would it be?”  The sound of Julia Adamson’s voice snapped Maggie out of her reverie.

Julia, one of Maggie’s good friends, was always coming up with these types of “What if…?” questions that the four girls had to answer.  It was definitive of who she was – a dreamer.  Maggie rolled her emerald-green eyes, impatient with the girly topic that struck too close to home.

“Brad Pitt, next question.”

The girls were in Maggie’s bedroom on this Friday night, crammed onto her twin-sized bed.  The room was that of a typical teenage girl.  At least a teenage girl like Margaret Anne Brennan, who did not consider herself very typical at all.

Maggie’s room was spacious.  The floors were oak wood and in the center was a worn area rug with faded floral bouquets.  That was as feminine as Maggie’s room got.  The rest was decorated, if that was the right word, in her usual bold fashion.

A bright purple comforter covered the bed, sprinkled with orange and hot-pink accent pillows.  The windows were covered by purple and white checkered panels and simple white blinds.  The furniture was sturdy and utilitarian: a bedside table, desk and dresser.

The dresser drawers and closet door were open, and their contents spilled out onto the floor.  The walls were painted a bold yellow and plastered with different posters: not of movie stars or athletes, but rather of important historical figures, like Sir Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, and Einstein.

“Ew, Brad Pitt is so not hot anymore.  He’s getting old!  Isn’t he like thirty three now?” Beth Levine exclaimed, as she carefully applied blood-red nail polish to her toes.  A shimmering blanket of golden blond hair cascaded over her face as she worked.  She leaned back to admire her handiwork.

“He’s not that old!” Maggie argued.  “Plus, I like older guys.  They’re not as stupid as the dweebs our age.”
She stuck her chin out stubbornly, almost as if she were daring someone to challenge her.  Brianna Amoretti, Maggie’s best friend – although all four girls were very close – was the only one courageous enough to brave those waters.  She was the nurturer of the group, the little mother hen.  She tucked her auburn hair behind her ears and focused her big golden-brown eyes on Maggie.

“Mags, no one is saying that older guys are not great, so relax.”

Brianna always knew how to handle Maggie whenever she got her feathers ruffled, which seemed like a lot lately.  Hormones sucked big time.

“Yeah, we all know you think Liam Duffy is h-o-t, hot!”  Beth and Julia burst into giggles.  Maggie glared at them.

“So what?  He is hot.  He’s hot and he’s smart and he’s…he’s…” she spluttered, her face aflame with mortification.  Brianna put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“Maggie, he’s nineteen years old.  There is no way that Liam is going to be interested in you.  You’re just fourteen and only going to get your heart broken, carrying a torch for him like you are.”

Maggie knew that Brianna was probably right, but she refused to relent.

She had loved Liam for as long as she could remember.  He was her brother Doug’s best friend.  Doug and Liam had been inseparable since the third grade, just as she and Brianna had been since kindergarten.  The boys were five years older than the girls were, and so for as long as Maggie could remember, Liam had been like another brother to her, and she had loved him as such.

This current love she felt was new, and it was far from brotherly.

When she saw Liam, her hands got clammy and her knees grew weak.  She couldn’t tear her eyes away from him and she stammered like an idiot.  She wanted him to see her as a beautiful girl, but Brianna was right.  He probably just saw her as a dumb little high-school kid.
Liam was nineteen and doing a pre-med program at Duke University in North Carolina.  She admired this about him, too.  He was smart and motivated, just like she was.

The kids in school teased Maggie because she was so smart, but she just brushed it off.  She loved learning and was an avid reader.  Science fascinated her.  She knew that she wanted to be a doctor one day, and she was working her tail off to make sure she got into good schools in order to make that dream a reality.  She was nothing if not driven.

At fourteen, Maggie was already tall for her age, another thing for which she received a lot of flack.  She was already five feet eight inches and, to her great chagrin, still growing.  She towered over most of the boys in her class, except for some of the basketball players.  She got her height from her father, Sean Brennan, who was well over six feet, as was her brother, Doug.

Liam was tall too, yet another thing Maggie loved about him.  She actually had to look up at him, as he was six feet four inches.
Maggie sighed and blew her dark brown hair out of her eyes.  Her hair was a long, wavy mess.  She didn’t know what to do with it, so most of the time she kept it in an easy ponytail.  She considered her eyes her best feature.  They were almond-shaped and a brilliant green.  The rest of her wasn’t worth noticing, at least in her opinion.  Her cheekbones stuck out too much, her chin was too pointy, and her boobs were almost non-existent.  Because she was so tall, she was also painfully thin.

“Don’t worry, Mags.  There are plenty of boys our age that are cool.  What about Tommy Barry?  I know he likes you,” Julia offered, always the peacemaker.

“Tommy Barry?  Ugh, I’d rather kiss a frog and hope for a prince!”

This sent the girls into another fit of giggles.  Maggie smiled at her friends, but her thoughts were glum.  There was only one boy she wanted to kiss, and he was way out of her league.

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